Pure Air Shield 3300

The Solution to Contamination from the indoor air

An air cleaner is an effective way of filtering contamination from the indoor air. The Pure Air Shield 3300 (PAS 3300) air cleaner is a guarantee of clean air in your work area or other occupied room. The PAS 3300 has eight different settings and is easy to adjust to requirements. The correct setting depends on the area of the space and the number of people in that space at the same time.

The PAS 3300 has been specially designed for large spaces. The basic setting on the PAS 3300 carries out five air exchanges* per hour at a low noise level. The number of air exchanges is dictated by the number of people in the space, how long they have been in the space, the type of movement or activity performed by those people in the space, and the presence, or absence, of an existing ventilation system. Our account managers would be happy to advise you.

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